Executive coaching

Are you getting optimal return on IT investments? Are you missing opportunities? Could you do things differently?

Executive coaching on IT questions is often used by executives without IT background. It could be the CFO who is also responsible for the IT function or the CIO coming into the role from a business background.

Coaching can give you a second opinion and be used to review the views and advice coming from the IT organisation, this can make you more confident in decision making and be a long term tool to strengthen trust and cooperation between management and IT. The coach can support you in building a solid working relationship and a good governance model to sustainable manage the business/IT relationship. Often we see problems coming out of bad communication and a lack of transparency on the IT deliveries. A good communication model and the discussion and agreement on relevant KPI’s for the IT function can reduce these issues.

Executive IT coaching can either be on a personal basis outside the workplace or the coach can become a visible change agent inside the organisation for a period of time.

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