Outsourcing of Infrastructure and Applications is used by many companies in Denmark. The key to Outsourcing is to select the right scope and model for your company’s specific needs.

Best practice has been changing in recent years. Earlier the guidance was that small scale outsourcing, was only possible to local companies but recently increased supplier and customer maturity has enabled the possibility of offshore Outsourcing also for small scale operations especially for commodity services such as infrastructure, helpdesk and standard application support.

None the less there are critical things to retain in your own organisation. Innovation and development of business processes is crucial to keep under control and should be very carefully evaluated. Some services will not have critical mass and can only be delivered if the supplier supports multi-client delivery teams, some technologies are rare and makes it difficult to find and retain resources etc.

A good design of the future delivery and sourcing model is therefore critical to maximize your benefits. This can be addressed via a small discovery assessment to identify scope and requirements (typically 1-2 weeks). Based on the assessment the assumptions should be documented and the the benefits/issues captured in a business case.

The business case will support the final decision making on whether or not to proceed with Outsourcing.