About IT-Lighthouse

IT-Lighthouse has been founded in 2015 by Peter Laustsen and is based on extensive IT experience and a solid network of experts. The company provides business guidance on complex IT matters.

The vision is to provide an independent place for pragmatic advice, to create results by mobilizing the customers own organisation (as alternative to selling extensive consultancy projects) and finally only to work on assignments where it is possible to create value for the customer.

The background is the belief that the IT marketplace today suffers from a range of challenges such as:

  • Information overload
  • Short life-cycles on (hyped) offerings
  • Advisers and research companies has become a high margin business with a dependence on new offerings and are living in a symbiosis with the technology companies
  • CIO’s and IT departments where focus and resources goes into pure survival and keeping the lights on without being able to create business value

Topics IT-Lighthouse can advice on includes:

  • IT Governance
  • Outsourcing of Infrastructure and Applications
  • Cloud deployment
  • Together with partners we can also guide on Cybersecurity and Regulatory Compliance

The customer segments we work for are both companies with in-house IT organisations and using outsourced services and typically our services are sector independent.