Executive coaching

Are you getting optimal return on IT investments? Are you missing opportunities? Could you do things differently? Executive coaching on IT questions is often used by executives without IT background. It could be the CFO who is also responsible for the IT function or the CIO coming into the role from a business background….


IT-Lighthouse can support the mobilisation of a customer organisation towards successful change implementation and organisational transformation. Many different means can and should be used to obtain the goal. Communication, objective setting, strategy definition/strategy roadmap, challenge of current status through self evaluation or external assessments. Change can also be supported through…

Business Case

A Business Case contains the  benefits/costs by for instance by introducing a new organisation or IT governance, Outsourcing or technology transformation such as Cloud introduction.


Fast assessment of organisation maturity on specific topic such as Outsourcing maturity or IT and Cybersecurity typically followed by the creation of a Strategic Roadmap. The assessment process