IT Firefighting

Are you facing serious performance problems? Is business loosing trust in your SAP solution? Are your in IT Firefighting mode? Often experts are not enough to solve a problem fast,

Cloud deployment

Deployment of cloud solutions has gained speed the last couple of years. A large part of that is driven by consumer services. Dropbox for sharing files, Skype for video conference, apps on¬†smartphones etc. The expectations of the consumers are transferred to the business environments and creates challenges. Both meeting expectations…


IT and Cybersecurity

IT and Cybersecurity is an ever-growing concern for businesses, big or small. Data breaches make regular headlines and can result in severe financial and/or reputational costs. 


Outsourcing of Infrastructure and Applications is used by many companies in Denmark. The key to Outsourcing is to select the right scope and model for your company’s specific needs.

Picture showing a couple of governance frameworks

IT Governance

Why should you invest in improving your IT Governance? The right governance can ensure timely support for business development, support innovation, deliver financial predictability,