IT Firefighting

Are you facing serious performance problems? Is business loosing trust in your SAP solution? Are your in IT Firefighting mode?

Often experts are not enough to solve a problem fast,it takes experience, a holistic approach, ability to make the experts and suppliers sit around the table and listen to each other to solve many of the complex problems.

IT-Lighthouse partners have participated in a large number of task-forces aimed at solving problems like the ones mentioned above. Often we have seen that solutions have been delayed because of communication issues, fear of taking responsibility from the supplier, unstructured approaches or even business or IT management panicking and forcing wrong actions.

We will normally be able to support you at short notice. In some cases we can just confirm that what is being done seems to be right and that everyone is contributing in other cases we can support the task-force manager or take charge of the solution until it is resolved.

It is impossible to completely avoid IT firefighting or crisis situations but long-term good Service Management and Risk Management should be the preventive means to reduce the occurrence. If not there might be more serious problems which should be identified such as under investment, too big a project portfolio or bad handover from project to operations.